This section features various tools, publications and research papers that may be useful to SMEs, policy makers and other stakeholders seeking more information on e-commerce in Africa. Amari Consulting lays no claim to these third party resources. Due diligence should be followed with the respective publishers before referencing, citation or reproduction.

e-Conomy Africa 2020: Africa’s $180 billion Internet economy future


The e-Conomy Africa 2020 report—a unique collaboration between Google and the International Finance Corporation (IFC)—provides a timely analysis of Africa’s current Internet landscape. The report calls for tech companies, investors, and governments to join in supporting dynamic African entrepreneurs who are driving economic growth, fueled by a fast-growing population of increasingly urban and educated consumers.

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Building Bridges to New e-Commerce Markets: A blueprint for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Advanced economies have developed highly competitive and innovative e-commerce services, making it simple for small enterprises to set up online stores, transport their goods and receive payments. Although entrepreneurs in developing countries can sell online by accessing these services, most are blocked from doing so because of their origin. This paper shows these enterprises how to set up international business structures so they can use such services. Publication Date: 19 Oct. 2020 Publisher: International Trade Centre

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A Single Digital Market for East Africa


This report outlines the impetus for creating a single digital market (SDM) in East Africa, which would drive deeper integration and spur increased dynamism of the digital economies of six East African countries: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. Publisher: World Bank

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TRALAC Guide on Trade in the Digital Economy


This booklet provides a handy guide on e-commerce, the digital economy and trade. The digitalisation of the economy requires new ways of thinking about competition, intellectual property, taxation, industrial policy, privacy, cybersecurity, the labour market, immigration and skills and, of course trade. Published: March 2020. Author: Tralac.

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