Judy Nekoye - Graphic Design
I started Marsha Design Agency and Accessories  in March 2021, to offer graphic and design services as well as some fast-moving services such as photocopying, printing and lamination of documents and M-Pesa finance transactions. I handle the operation of my business with the assistance of one part-time casual worker, who works only on days I am unavailable.
I did not have any digital presence before the KEPSA E-Commerce Booster Training Program. After the program I learnt the value of having a digital footprint. I decided to join the program after I observed the rising trend in digital marketing and did not want to be left behind. I also had testimonies from other businesses successfully selling through e-commerce platforms such as Jumia and Alibaba.  I also wanted to expand and reach as many clients as possible through selling online.
The most important lesson I acquired from the training sessions was the benefits of content marketing through content creation. I had no idea on how to open a business account through Facebook and Instagram but the training really helped me know how to. I am grateful for my training associate who took me through opening accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and taught me how to link my accounts so as to cross populate my pages when posting.
In my opinion, the training program’s onboarding process was tactical and comprehensible as I successfully created social media ages despite my limited digital experiences and exposure. Am grateful for my training associate, Ms Lusweti, who exercised immense patience and selflessness while taking me through the training sessions and shared recordings of the Zoom sessions whenever I was unable to attend due to my unpredictable work environment. 
After completing my training, I am now focused on promoting my business online. I have attracted a large number of new clients through my new social media platforms. I hope to allocate more time to refining my content marketing skills through digital activations to draw in an even larger audience. I remain interested in receiving support through my training associate on emerging trends and new platforms to market her products.