Covid-19 Epower Initiative

Get Online, Keep Trading!

Covid-19 Epower Initiative

The Epower Initiative is a Covid-19 response campaign aimed at enabling trade continuity in Kenya during the covid-19 pandemic by moving over 10,000 Micro, Small and medium sized businesses Online.

The MSME sector in Kenya is responsible for over 80% of the employed workforce and contributes over 30% to the GDP. It is therefore critical that the MSME sector in Kenya is supported during this pandemic to keep trading so as to help cushion the economy and protect livelihoods and avert further crises.
Increasingly, brick and mortar businesses are getting stuck. With a little help, the businesses can adapt by switching online. Not only will such a move ensure they stay afloat, they also will thrive during these challenging times.

Statement of Need

The Covid-19 pandemic is quickly moving from a health crisis to an economic crisis. With
containment measures, movement restrictions, curfews and lockdowns taking effect, the coronavirus poses a significant threat to the millions of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Kenya. MSMEs are likely to suffer more than others in the private sector because they are inherently vulnerable. MSMEs have small cash reserves, and therefore go out of business first in a liquidity shock. This in turn has a direct effect on the livelihoods of the millions of Kenyans employed by this sector. A sure way to try and avert further crisis is to keep some level of trade going.

As the whole world is shutting down, the internet is opening up and with it comes new opportunities for businesses. MSMEs can keep trading by moving their operations online. With 46,870,422 Internet users as of June/2019, 89.7% of the population, according to Communications Authority of Kenya, and reputed as Africa’s
Silicon Savannah due to its robust technology ecosystem, Kenya is in a privileged position to make a turnaround during this Covid-19 crisis by leveraging the internet.

There is however a great need for technical support and capacity building in digital skills and knowledge as some of these businesses are getting to use online channels for the very first time.

Goals   and   Objectives   

Overall, the Epower Initiative aims to:
1. Keep Businesses Afloat
2. Cushion The Economy
3. Protect Livelihoods

This we aim to do through:

1. Training: A combination of webinars and self study online masterclasses on ecommerce 'how-to'
2. Technical support: Coaching, mentorship and onboarding of the MSMEs onto online marketplaces.

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