Amari Consulting is a leading e-commerce full service agency and consulting firm based in Nairobi, Kenya .

Our Mission is to help African businesses harness the power of the internet and scale.

We offer Consultancy, Training and Project Management services in E-commerce, Online Branding & Digital Marketing.

Our process involves comprehensive diagnostic clinics that seek to establish the unique needs of each of our clients , consultative strategy formulation sessions in which we develop a clear road-map to tackle the project at hand before Implementation of formulated solutions and finally Monitoring & Evaluation to ensure success and sustainability.

Startups and SMEs form 70% of our customers. We enable businesses LOWER COSTS, STAY COMPETITIVE AND GO GLOBAL by guiding them to adopt winning e-commerce strategies.

We have a bias towards women-owned businesses as we seek to help solve the problem of work-life-balance faced by most women entrepreneurs by getting them online, automating their business processes hence freeing time for them. This goes a long way in addressing issues of gender inequality by using technology to bridge the existing gap in time, income and mobility.

Amari Consulting also hosts the Epower forum - a quarterly event held across different sectors and industries to help drive the e-commerce agenda in Africa. The forum brings together businesses, partners and the different stakeholders within the e-commerce ecosystem in Africa, with the following objectives:

1. Steer conversation on e-commerce and the opportunity that it presents for Africa
2. Create awareness on available opportunities in the e-commerce ecosystem/value chain
3. Gather industry insights on e-commerce penetration, adoption and applicability
4. Bring e-commerce stakeholders together
5. Develop locally rooted, user driven e-commerce solutions

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